Arcachon and its bay

The Arcachon Basin is wide open on the Atlantic Ocean through the passes of the Arcachon basin and is an inland sea of ​​155 km² in high tide and 40 km² at low tide.The basin and the town of Arcachon are equipped with an incredible cultural and natural heritage. It is very pleasant to live or simply to come for holidays, due to the microclimate, the beauty of the pine forest, and the beauty of Arcachon with its refined villas. It emerges peace and serenity from these opulent houses.

The patrimony

First, the Landes forest that encompasses the Arcachon basin. It is good to walk on foot, by bicycle or in a convertible luxury car and breathe good pine sap smell, completely free of pollution.
Then the "cabanes tchanquées" are located on stilts in the middle of Arcachon on Bird Island. They were originally used for monitoring the oyster beds. They are delightful with their bright colors and unique architecture in France.
The lighthouse of Cap Ferret is a high observation point 53 meters from where you can admire the pool, the ocean and the Landes forest. Among the pines and second homes, in a very quiet area, it is very nice and easy to access.
The City Winter in Arcachon is a neighborhood located on the heights of the city. Many villas with Basque roots, Moorish or Anglo-Chinese visible therein. The residences of the Winter City are classified picturesque site. If the seafront and the summer city grew thanks to the doctors extolling the healing properties of sea water, the Ville d'Hiver has meanwhile its existence to the business acumen of both financial savvy, and keen business sense.
Finally, oyster-farming ports surround the pool and are typical of the region. They are truly worth seeing because many oyster huts have been transformed into real homes. They have been tastefully renovated and with pretty colors, surrounded by small gardens planted with countless flowers. A true wonder!

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